About National Drug Awareness

National Drug Awareness is a drug education consultancy formed by a collaboration of specialists with unparalleled experience in planning, co-ordinating and undertaking covert drug operations to successful conclusion.

Each facilitator and speaker has in excess of twenty years’ experience, specifically targeting elements of organised crime responsible for illicit drug trafficking.

National Drug Awareness provides a critical coal-face response to high risk problem solving. The knowledge held by these facilitators cannot be gained through text books. Their experience provides a strong, credible platform to deliver an overview of the drug culture and how to effectively overcome drug issues.

Meet the founder, Tony Parsons (Drugs Educator & Keynote Speaker)

Tony Parsons has seen the worst of the drug culture and the organised crime that underpins it, in 30 years of strategic and tactical covert drug operations.

He has been critically involved in and directed countless drug operations, many of which resulted in high profile intensive media coverage. These investigations included matters of a national and international operational basis. Tony has also had cause to assist in drug connected murder investigations.

503A6755If you have heard about a drug bust in the news, chances are that Tony has been involved in the case behind the scenes.

He is one of Australia’s leading experts in drug culture, and has advised national inquiries and other government departments on key issues surrounding legislation, drug culture methodology and community safety response.

This gives Tony a unique insight into what truly drives the drug culture, why our current approaches to stopping illicit drug use are failing, and what needs to be done instead.

Tony’s Unique View

Through sharing his experiences with unwavering truth, Tony confidently and pointedly shines a spotlight on the dark underbelly of the drug culture.

He knows what makes people succumb and fall victim to drug use, as well as the power and wealth that drives the demand, and how people are targeted.

Taking drugs is not simply about a personal high. Taking drugs places you front and centre of global empires funding terrorism, human trafficking, exploitation, rape and murder.

Drug sales directly and in-directly fund organised crime syndicates, drug cartels and terrorist organisations, who are known to control the raw ingredients, trafficking networks and profits of the drug trade.

By following the money trail back to its source, Tony educates people on the illicit drug culture, and what they are unwittingly choosing to be part of and support when they take drugs.

Our Message: ‘Choices Bring Consequences’.

National Drug Awareness does not represent or purport to represent any national or state law enforcement authority or intelligence agency.

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