Drug Education Training

National Drug Awareness provides effective educational sessions to “at risk” groups, aiming to raise awareness of:

  • the dangers of drugs to individuals and an organisation,
  • the criminal culture behind the drug scourge, and
  • positive preventative strategies to reduce the tolerance of drug use within an organisational or youth culture.

Our drug education services start with a deep, no holds barred discussion of your culture and key problem areas.

We then tailor educational sessions for your “at risk” people and emerging players, laser focused on addressing those key issues.


Whether it is team leaders currently taking illicit drugs and influencing new recruits into the culture; a “whatever it takes” mindset; people with too closer ties to underworld figures; or groups participating in known problem areas such as raves/dance cultures – we have the expertise to address it.

Each session is delivered by an expert in covert drug operations, who presents a highly credible, exact view of the issues, implications and solutions.

Our sessions include the valuable topics of:

  • The Money Trail – What You Are Really Buying When You Take Drugs.
  • Taking a hit to your brand – The impact of drugs on your brand and the brand of your organisation.
  • Losing your edge – Being “off” your game can cost you big time.
  • Throwing your mates under the bus – How your decisions cost your whole team.
  • Being taken for a patsy – Why you are being groomed and targeted (Note: It has nothing to do with people liking you!).
  • Saying no to the boss – Strategies when the pusher is a team leader, selector, teacher, family member or influential peer.
  • The “Warrior Philosophy” – Leadership, honour and pride that will define your future.
  • Danger signals – How to know someone is heading off the rails.
  • Tipping points – How to positively tip the culture of your organisation towards zero drug tolerance.

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