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No individual or organisation is immune to the threat posed by the spread of the drug trade across Australia.

A Tsunami of drugs is now consistently hitting the Australian market through cutting edge logistical chains that would put Amazon to shame.

Anti-drug strategies that target the legality or morality of illicit drug consumption are not keeping pace with the advanced psychological and marketing techniques used by organised crime syndicates and drug traffickers.

The combined impact of this creates a significant and unacceptable risk to our entire community, is cancerous to our youth, and erodes private organisation potential.

Drug Education

Our education sessions are tailored, unvarnished and influential in changing cultures and behaviours. Read More.

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We are a drug education consultancy specialising in working with sporting organisations and schools. Read More

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The New Drug Battleground

Sporting codes, entertainment venues and our communities are where the battle is now being waged. Why? Simply because these are the drug growth markets and areas of peak potential influence.

All it takes is for a few influential people to introduce the toxic drug trade and then expose these cultures to a divisive, poisonous environment.

Our Approach

National Drug Awareness provides compelling and transformational education sessions delivered by experts in covert drug operations, to sporting clubs, organisations, schools and parent groups.

Stepping Up to the Battle

The only strategy that is working right now in the battle against illicit drugs is helping individuals come to their own conclusions through providing clear, unvarnished and credible facts.

By exposing the dark underbelly of the drug game, individuals will discover precisely what the market pathways are when they chose to purchase and take drugs. They understand why they are being targeted by people within the drug culture, and they begin to question “Is getting high really worth it.”

This knowledge coupled with critical life skills and protective behaviours, helps individuals and other stakeholders to make positive personal choices despite rampant peer and societal pressures.


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